Area entrepreneurs help restore Lake Placid to its heyday: CEG

The redesigned ice rink will feature an energy efficient glycol refrigeration system and resilient polymer plastic pipes; 7 feet of skating rink will be cut to install the pipes, then backfilled.

In an effort to attract more visitors to the Adirondack region and host the 2023 World University Winter Games, major renovation projects are underway at key Lake Placid attractions. Many construction companies are involved in the revitalization of iconic Lake Placid sites, including the Speed ​​Skating Oval, Ski Jumping Complex and Main Street.

The city of northern New York hosted the Olympics in 1932 and 1980 and is the site of the legendary game “Miracle on Ice”. The projects aim to revitalize and modernize the area while preserving the legacy of these historic Olympic Games.

“It’s an improvement on what is really the center of all activity here,” said James McKenna, chairman of the Adirondack North Country Sports Council and CEO of the Regional Office for Sustainable Tourism. “I think it’s going to be something where, when we’re all gone, it keeps the legacy and vision going back to the early 1900s.”

For 11 days, the World University Winter Games will revive the famous history of Olympic venues by welcoming more than 1,800 university athletes from 50 countries – double the number of athletes who competed in the 1980 Olympic Games.

The New York State Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) manages the competition facilities and will ensure that construction meets sport specifications. ORDA has made a significant contribution to the economic development of the region by operating the Whiteface, Belleayre and Gore Mountain ski areas; Olympic sports complex of Mount Van Hoevenberg; James Sheffield Speed ​​Skating Oval; Olympic jumping complex; and Olympic arena.

Albany-based contractor JH Maloy Inc. demolished the James Sheffield Speed ​​Skating Oval and rebuilt the rink to meet current Olympic standards. As a child, JH Maloy’s superintendent Kevin Smialek attended the 1980 Olympics with his grandfather, which made this work particularly meaningful.

In addition to hosting many record-breaking races, the famous oval is the birthplace of the three-tier Olympic podium. In February 1932, American speed skater Jack Shea received the first medal presented atop a podium.

The standards of long track speed skating have changed since the 1980 Olympics, but the Lake Placid oval has been protected until now. The push to update the rink came when the 1977 refrigeration system failed.

JH Maloy prepares the site for the redesigned oval by cutting 7 feet of ice rink to install piping for water drainage and a new refrigeration system and backfilling and leveling the surface. The old steel piping is replaced by stronger polymer plastic pipes.

The glycol cooling system is more energy efficient than the previous system, allowing ORDA to extend the skating season of the outer oval. Lighter colored concrete will be used on the track to help reduce melt.

The redesign of the oval will allow more space for spectators at the north end of the rink. The concrete pole bases with the flag of each Olympic nation will be removed and replaced to enlarge the sidewalk. The oval is expected to be completed in time for the 2022 FISU World Speed ​​Skating Championships, a five-day competition that hosts more than 75 athletes.

A 15-person team from Rifenburg Construction Inc., a company based in Troy, NY, with support from Park East Sales, a division of Rifenburg Companies, renovates the Olympic Ski Jumping Complex located in Lake Placid, NY. ski were last updated in 1994.

“The Olympic facility is being modernized after 42 years to meet current standards as we prepare to host the 2023 World University Games,” said Ski Jumps General Manager Rebecca Dayton.

This work will make the facility the only year-round show jumping facility in North America that is sanctioned for both winter and summer competition and training.

The project covers approximately six acres and includes the demolition of existing elements and the installation of retaining walls, diversion panels, stairs and concrete surfaces for the new 90m and 120m diving boards.

The underground infrastructure is being improved with new underground drains, irrigation and drainage. A steel observation platform is also under construction.

To meet sport standards, the construction plan must be followed precisely. The steep slope and tight tolerances make this job particularly difficult.

“This is the project that they will be telling their grandchildren about,” Russell Huta, vice president of Rifenburg, said of his team.

Rifenburg recruited their best operators to level the almost vertical slopes in a Cat Bulldozer that was tied to a concrete anchor and winched up the mountain. Project manager Michael Coody is confident that the show jumping complex will be completed in October 2021.

Kubricky Construction Corporation, a Wilton, NY division of DA Collins Companies, is renovating Lake Placid Main Street to make downtown more accessible and meet the needs of businesses and residents.

With many local artisans and a variety of restaurants, the quintessential Alpine Street is the heart of Lake Placid. Along the entirety of Main Street, Kubricky installed approximately 3,000 feet of 16 ”trunk to support increased usage and meet current infrastructure standards.

To protect Mirror Lake from saline runoff and point pollution, a new stormwater drainage system with three infiltration vortices and detention areas is also being installed. Construction required traffic to be reduced to one direction and many sidewalks were closed, making it difficult for pedestrians to move away from the construction area.

Before Kubricky can lay the wear layer, work must temporarily stop in July and August, at the height of the summer tourist season. The road will be temporarily paved and normal traffic patterns will return to support the influx of visitors. When work resumes in the fall, the road surface will be paved and sealed and new sidewalks, curbs, landscaping and signage will be added to improve driver and pedestrian safety and visual appeal. The Main Street renovations are expected to be finalized by fall 2023.

Along with JH Maloy Inc., Rifenburg Construction and Kubricky Construction Corporation, Milton CAT is proud to be a part of restoring Lake Placid to its heyday. ??

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