New Internet Company Begins Laying Cables in Hickory | Local News

A new Internet company located in Hickory has begun to develop its fiber optic network in the city.

MetroNet announced Thursday that they are beginning the process of installing their fiber optic cables in the Kenworth neighborhood.

John Autry, MetroNet’s marketing manager for North Carolina, said it likely won’t be until this fall that Hickory’s first customers will be able to get the service.

In addition to Hickory, the company will also add its services to parts of Mountain View and Newton. The company expects to take two to two and a half years to develop its network, and Autry said construction could take place in different locations at the same time.

MetroNet boasts of its reliable fiber network, no data caps, and symmetrical data stream that users always upload and download at the same speed.

Autry said the company’s current plans range from $40 per month for its 100 megabit plan to $70 for its gigabit plan.

The company has yet to open a retail store in Hickory, although it is considering the possibility.

Even without a retail store, Autry said the company plans to get involved in the community by showing up at events like local fairs and participating in charitable activities like blood drives.

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