Several Erie Strayer Company employees go on strike

Demands for better wages and benefits are part of the reason why several workers are on strike at a local manufacturer known as the Erie Strayer Company.

A dozen Erie Strayer workers have been on strike since 5 a.m. on October 4.

Several Erie Strayer Company employees are asking for better wages and a dental plan.

“All we want are good wages and benefits and working conditions for the guys, and the company doesn’t want that. They will spend the money on security. They’ll spend the money to drag out negotiations for six months paying their lawyers and everything that goes with it, but what they won’t do is give it to the guys, ”said Tracy Cutright, vice president. of the local union of the regional workshop of iron workers. 851.

Erie Strayer Company began in 1912 and has grown into a 175,000 square foot facility.

Formerly Erie Steel Construction Company, Erie Strayer Company now manufactures concrete batching equipment.

The company offers workers a five-cent raise during their first year on the job.

Cutright said under a five-year contract workers would receive a 50-cent raise.

A union representative said many of these workers have shown their loyalty by continuing to work throughout the pandemic. He said these workers demand the same loyalty from their company.

A local lawyer believes, however, that unions are no longer necessary and that strikes have become less frequent over the past five years.

“Unions have no real influence in the workplace other than to call or strike, and strikes are always horrible. Strikes are expensive. Strikes take time. Strikes are very risky. People make enemies for themselves, ”said lawyer Geri Nietupski.

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